Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blackout 2008!

I am waiting for my computer to uninstall Microsoft Office and reinstall a better Microsoft Office, so my computer and everything on it is running annoyingly slow. What better time to fire up "WordPad" and write a blog while waiting for everything to finish?

This has been quite an interesting week. On Sunday while we were recovering from the aches and pains of being old and spending the day at Kings Island and watching the Bengals lose, there was apparantly a hurricane outside. While I did realize it was ridiculously windy and that an awful lot of branches were flying off the trees and into my backyard.....and they did keep saying on tv that there was a "windstorm." I had no idea what was really going on out there. Then by that night, 690,000 Duke Energy customers were without power....and about 200,000 of them are STILL without power (including Rob) I, thank goodness, was a lucky one in that I never lost power, but unlucky that my work also never lost power. (PG probably has like 50 backup generators to insure this). But I would prefer that to not having power at home and still having to go to work. We have people in our group showering in the work locker room at the gym, showering at friends' houses, or taking freezing cold showers for going on 5 days! Not to mention I have no idea what they are eating every night. I can't even imagine going through a real disaster and how much this city would Freak out.

On another note, there has been some good tv on this week! Did anyone know that Annie's love interest, Ty (from 90210) went to Oak Hills High School! Hello hottie local celebrity! And Dylan is the baby's daddy? Luke Perry Cameo in the future?! Anyone catch the season premier of the biggest loser?? I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet, but I do know that I'm excited to see the end results of Tom and LT (and yes, LT stands for "Little Tom") Jillian is scary. She is seriously terrifying. I like her line to the girl on the yellow team who's dad has SERIOUS medical issues and collapsed on the treadmill "Your Dad is over there on the treadmill about to DIE now GET UP!" Should be an interesting season! Also, I haven't watched last nights Real World/Road Rules Challenge (anyone besides me still watch this?) but last week's episode was very interesting. I love how they give them no food but there is still plenty of booze for everyone to go around....Guess the show wouldnt be as interesting without it, but HELLO maybe not the best idea to give a bunch of bored idiots only white rice to eat along with a STOCKED liquor cabinet.

Tonight we are going to the Baccnalian Event on Fountain Square. I love Baccnalian and have been to events at Music Hall, the Freedom Center, etc but have never been to an outdoor event. Should be a perfect night for the theme of "European Whites."


Unknown said...

I just wish the power would come back on so I can watch TV. 4 days now...I'm ready. C'mon Duke...make it snappy!

Mary Ann* said...

Whew. I thought I was the ONLY one who still watched RWRR challenges.

I think our DVR's To Do Lists are probably exactly the same.