Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gam Girls Reunite!

I am very excited for this weekend. For one, one of my closest friends, Jenn Martin, is getting married to the love of her life this weekend, which is an amazing thing to celebrate. And second (and almost as an amazing thing to celebrate)- the Gam Girls will all be together again! The Gam Girls met at Ohio University (probably the best place on earth) their sophomore year in college. Here are some nostalgic pictures from their collegiate days.

In our natural habitat, Gam Hall:

Wet and cold, but happy to be together at Derby Days :-)
Instant Pleasure Shuffle:

I really don't have any idea:

While they do see each other fairly often, it is not as often that the entire group can be together at the same time, as they now reside all over the place. (New York, Texas, Indiana, California, Ohio) so they are very excited for their Cincinnati based reunion this weekend. The last time they were all together was at the wedding of Grzybowski, another Gam girl with a 4 day weekend celebration in lovely Laguna Beach, California back in October. There was a partial reunion in April at the nuptials of Jenny and Adam, but I am very excited for the dance party that can only ensue when everyone is together.

Girls- I am so very excited to see you this weekend!!!

ps- is it appropriate to request Instant Pleasure at a wedding reception?? haha.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for OU gam girls! Cant wait to have a reunion! I hope that you stocked up on Depends so that I dont have to leave anyone's side! See you soon! Tracy