Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90210- The New Class?

I have to admit I wasn’t a huge 90210 junkie back in the day, but this ridiculous spin-off seems like something I could get hooked on in a “watching DVR hungover on the couch on a Sunday” sort of way. I think its ridiculous/funny how non-famous all the original 90210 cast is now, that they are all involved in this show. Jennie Garth is a guidance counselor of some sort (who in two hours, I never saw guide anyone in anything), Shannon Doherty comes to visit, the dude that owned the “Peach Pit” was the same. Plus the network its on is called the “CW”- wtf is the CW?

It’s kind of a Dawson’s Creek meets the OC kind of show.
Did anyone watch the 2 hour premier of this new hit series last night?


MichelleSeeber said...

Nat is back at the Peach Pit! That's funny! I was hoping to catch it sometime this weekend but the Tivo may have dumped it by accident :(

Hope you are doing well. Love the blog!

Lindsey said...

should i be ashamed to admit i watched it... and liked it. would actually be better without kelly and brenda and nat, but still apprecaite that they are willing to pay them to be on it, since obviously no one else will hire them.