Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome back "The Hills!"

Yay!! It's almost that time of year when all my favorite TV shows come back on! I am here to admit that I am addicted to TV. Good tv, terrible tv, reality tv,food tv, wedding tv, hgtv, random tv... it is all wonderful. I can't believe I did not get DVR until this past November as it has been the greatest thing ever. My methods for recording my favorite tv shows used to be setting the vcr on my tv whenever i left the house and letting it run all night long (this method works best with an 8+ hour video casette) and then fast forwarding all around finding what I had taped. (Usually I am fairly technically inclined, but the setting of the vcr was something I never mastered) Then came putting episodes of tv on the internet, which was also great bc I could watch them all on my laptop from bed on Sunday mornings. And now DVR. Wonderful, beautiful, intelligent (usually) DVR.

Anyway, this season of The Hills promises to be drama-packed as always and I can't wait to see what happens! Will Lo and Audrina ever become friends? Is Whitney going to fall in love? Is Spencer ever going to shave his disgusting flesh colored "beard"? Will Heidi ever realize that Spencer is a total douche bag? Will Audrina move into that sweet loft overlooking the Hollywood Hills? It's just a shame the next episode is another 6 days away....


Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like this blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

Mary Ann* said...

Ok, Jen, potential for you to think I am insane is high here, but I linked to your blog from Emily's, and I cannot let an opportunity to comment on The Hills pass me by.

My question is, will Lo's "serious boyfriend" ever appear on camera? Apparently she has been dating the same guy since their last season of Laguna! But I might be wrong there. I have always thought Lo is great and hilarious, but last night I could. not. stand. her. How does going upstairs for hours and disengaging yourself from a party translate into "really making an effort"? This season should be a good one, nonetheless.

Jen Lilley said...

1. I KNOW. Lo has had it out for Audrina from the beginning. While I agree that Audrina's choice in boyfriends (and friends in general) is maybe slightly less than desireable, that doesn't give Lo the right to be such a selfish little brat.

I didn't know Lo had a serious boyfriend! This seems like something I should have known. Maybe her and her relationship are just not interesting enough for mtv reality television?

2. Obviously you are not insane since I am a reader of your blog too.Good luck in that hurricane! :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer to call Spencer a douche-hole

Lindsey said...

i hope each day for a whitney spin-off.