Thursday, August 7, 2008


This week has not been an inspiring blog week. Nothing particularly interesting, funny or exciting has happened. Nothing screamed out “blog about me” to me this week. So maybe today, I will blog about the coming weekend and how excited I am for it!

Friday- My good friend Krista is celebrating a birthday on Friday. Now friends, you all know how obsessed with my birthday I am. Please close your eyes and think about how obsessed I am, multiply that by 20, and then make it the only time ever in the next hundred years it will fall on 08.08.08 and this is how excited Krista is about tomorrow. There will be a bus, custom made products, lots of stickers, shots and noisemakers at 8:08pm, lots of dive bars and a dance party at the Suite at Blackfinn to end the night. (If you don’t already have plans for Friday night, you should probably make them for dancing at the Suite at Blackfinn and run into all of us, its obviously where the party- and drink specials…. will be!) Tell them you’re there for Krista’s bday!
(stock photo from last year’s event on 08.08.07)

Saturday- I am heading up to the lovely Columbus, OH to celebrate the nuptials of Dork and Angie and then crashing on an air mattress on Ralphie and Alison’s floor, poor college student style. As with any OU alumni wedding, there will be sure to be lots of drinking, dancing and ridiculous amounts of merriment. I can’t wait!

Tonight, the undefeated Team KP&JLil play our third game in our cornhole league. Hopefully KP will not be too mentally distracted about the big 08.08.08 tomorrow and keep up the victorious streak!

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Emily Malone said...

tell the birthday girl to update her fitness-contest blog!

i got totally hooked and then NOTHING for weeks!