Monday, August 18, 2008

"Dog Days" of Summer

This weekend we took Maggie to a park an hour away for some fun in the sun and water at the beach. After Bill and Wall kept us up way too late (against our will) on Friday night and we randomly met up with Britt for an impromptu dance party, we were feeling kind of rough on Saturday morning. But since we had promised that mutt fun in the sun…fun in the sun she was going to get!!

This place was great! There was a beach with sand and (very small) waves. There were also lots of picnic areas, swing sets, etc. It was a fun place to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Here are some pics of Rob and Maggie playing in the water. Maggie was so funny, at first she was really confused by the waves and would get her paws in and just start biting at the water, then we started throwing sticks out there and she was all over it. It was so fun to watch her. If she was about 80% less crazy I might have taken her off the leash to see what she would do….but since she is not, we didn’t. It was fun and I can’t wait to go back!

Sunday night Krista and I went to the Bengals game courtesy of Tom’s awesome seats. It was fun but we played terrible and I feel terrible today.
Highlights of the night included:
• Louisville Chugger. Has anyone heard of this game? They had one of those red plastic bats you play with when you’re little, cut a hole in the bottom and filled it with beer. You chug the beer out of the bat, spin around the 10 times with the bat on the ground and your nose on the bat, then stand up and try to hit empty beer cans people are throwing at you with said bat. They also make you wear a helmet while participating in this activity. Ridiculous but hilarious.
• Deciding on a new business venture with Krista ( a secret)
• Talking to random strangers (as always)

Here are some pics from the game. Thanks to Tom for the tickets 

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