Friday, August 1, 2008're fired!

I am sad to report that Carl, my Roomba of 6 months, no longer has a job at my apartment. While the idea of a robot doing any kind of cleaning for me sounded like a great idea, I’m afraid Carl just couldn’t take on the responsibility of taking on two girls that shed so much (Maggie and me). He is also terrible at running over cords and getting himself stuck in ridiculous places, only for me to come home and find him whining and almost dead in a corner or under a chair somewhere. He needs to be cleaned out constantly and cleaning him is no easy (or clean) task. You have to pull apart everything and clean hair out of the brushes, clean the filter, empty him, etc every other time you use him. Ridiculous. Just teaches me what I should already know, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Oh yeah, and robots suck at vacuuming.

I picked up this red beauty for a mere $45 at Target on Wednesday ( I love target) and it cleaned up everything Carl has been leaving behind and then some. My carpets look brand new! Carl…. I’m sorry, you’re fired. (ps- I warned you I was going to write about any random thought that came to my head, did I not?)

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Unknown said...

OK, I have an iRobot, Chester the Dirt Molester, and he does a wonderful job of sucking up the hair left by our yellow lab, 2 cats, and myself(my hair is pretty long and thick.) You are right that cleaning Chester out is a pain, but when he's clean he works like a champ. I did notice that if I let the hair accumulate by not running him for a few days, I'd have to get out the big vacuum because Chester couldn't handle it, but he was honest with me upfront and said I had to do my part by running him at least every other day. You can't blame the robot, he did what he was supposed to do. It had to be an operator error. :) Or maybe you just didn't like Carl, personality differences?