Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Weekend!

I had a busy/fun weekend yet again. Let’s start at the beginning. The Festival! The festival was a great time as always. I didn’t win any money necessarily, but I did play blackjack for an hour on $5, and was up to $15 for a while. I also played some kind of ridiculous quarter game for a good half hour on $1 before I “lost it all.” Of course there was also lots of beer, spicy pickles, a great band, some dancing, those pull off bars and bells games and much more.

Saturday was Jenn Martin’s couples’ shower at her Aunt’s house in Mason. I like her Aunt because she knows how to pull off a good theme. It was a “calendar shower” where everyone was assigned a month and was supposed to get the couple something they could use in that month. When we walked up to the door her aunt had a Jack-o-lantern, a Santa Claus and a basket of Easter Eggs. Throughout the house she had all holidays represented in the bathroom, outside, with each table decked out in a Christmas or Easter tablecloth and centerpiece, and Christmas lights around the pool. Seriously, this is going to be me in 10 years. I love a theme. Also a great excuse to bust out all your supercute serving dishes that you only usually get to use once a year! Jenn and Jason walked away with some great stuff and are getting married in less than 8 weeks!!

Sunday Rob and I volunteered at a beer booth down at a “bbq and blues festival” down at Findlay Market. It was fun and we found out we are really good bartenders. People even kept tipping us even though we told them we were just volunteers. It was a fun day and we got to be right next to the stage of some great bands and walked away with like 40 something dollars in tips! Ridiculous considering we were there to volunteer, and were only there for 2 hours! But we spent most of it back right there at the Market on some delicious produce and fresh meats for the week. If you have never been to Findlay Market before on a weekend morning, please go. It is so much fun and a great thing for our city!
We really wanted to get a picture of us bartending, but I forgot all about it until we were leaving for the day and randomly had another volunteer snap this picture.

Last but not least was our final show choir show ever. It was very bittersweet. I am happy to have my Sunday nights back but will miss seeing everyone every week and having a place to go sing and dance around once a week. Afterwards we went to BW3s for some drinks and dinner to celebrate our last show ever. Special thanks to Suzi and Rob, my own personal support section!!

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Unknown said...

Bummer about show choir, but if you know any females who want to continue singing and dancing in front of people...send them my way since Kid Jupiter is auditioning singers ONCE AGAIN...

And of course, there is never a dull moment in your weekends!