Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Backstreet's Back! (kinda)

This weekend I am traveling to the wonderful city of Chicago, IL to spend some time with my BFFs Allison and Stephanie and to catch a boy band show. This show will be especially sentimental to me and Steph who caught the NSYNC Show back in like 2000 at Riverbend in Cincinnati. After this we just need to somehow catch a 98 degrees reunion show and we will have made the late 90s boy-band trifecta. Anyway, think long and hard to your favorite Backstreet Boys song from back in the day and leave it as a comment. I plan to make a CD to listen to on the way there (Rob- please disregard) to get psyched up for the concert!!

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life !!!

Here is an old school picture of me and Steph before the NSYNC concert. It would be especially sentimental if I could still fit in that dress....and be that tan....ok maybe a little less tan than that..but you know....

Everybody, yeah
Rock your body, yeah
Everybody, yeah
Rock your body right
Backstreet's back, alright!!!!!


Unknown said...

Can't help you, Jen. I was too busy listening to Pantera, Tool and Danzig when the Backstreet Boys were doing their thing. Besides, I blame the boy bands of the 90's for Global Warming. :)

Emily Malone said...

i clearly loved all backstreet's greatness, but one of my faves was one of their final hits...

"Lookin' back on the things I've done
I was tryin' to be someone
I played my part
And kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart"

Anonymous said...

wrong band but "bye bye bye" comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

Um, why didn't I know about these plans???? I am insanely jealous! BSB was (and still is) my fav boy band from the 90's.

Hands down best song: "I Want it that Way." Followed closely by the old favorite "Quit Playing Games with My Heart."

I want a full report when you get back!!! :)

Anonymous said...

How about you put the backdoor boys songs on your ipod and then listen to them with your headphones on the ride up???

Mary Ann* said...

I liked their last album as well ("Black and Blue"...?) but my fave track of theirs was a debut hit... "As Long as You Love Me". "Quit Playin' Games with My Heart" runs a close second.

Jen Lilley said...

thanks for all the great suggestions. Now I'm getting excited. What about one of their last hits, "the call"

Listen baby, I'm sorry
Just wanna tell you don't worry
I will be late
Don't stay up and wait for me
I said again, your dropping out
My battery is low
Just so you know
We're going to a place nearby
Gotta go!

Tiffany said...

You're such a dork!