Friday, August 29, 2008

A Backstreet Weekend

Well I must say, I don’t have much time for this update. It’s been a busy week both at work and at home with not getting back from Chicago until Monday night, book club Tuesday night, first night of the cornhole playoffs Thursday night(KP&JLil won the first game, lost the second), and using the rest of my free time to finalize the plans on Martin’s big bachelorette party this weekend, but since I’m starting to get harassed about the time that has elapsed since my last update, I figured I should at least write something.

Chicago, as per usual, was a fabulous time. Friday we went to a delicious Italian BYO, and filled up our cups with vodka sodas to enjoy during the 20 minute walk. We also packed some soda water, a bottle of vodka, pre-cut limes and about 2 bottles of wine per person for the dinner. Dinner was Delicious. Seriously, I’ve never had such good bruschetta in my LIFE. Covered in garlic…just pure heaven. It was a delicious dinner followed by lots of time spent at the table finishing the ridiculous amount of alcohol we brought and then off to the dive bar across the street for some extended merriment.

The next night Allison cooked us a delicious “Tyler’s Ultimate” meal and we played some games, drank some wine and had another great night….

But I know this isn’t why you are want to hear about the main event. The Backstreet Boys Concert! First off- you need to understand this place that we went to.
You could bring in whatever you wanted. Chairs, tables, blankets, bottles of wine, liquor, beer, food, candles, coolers…..pretty much whatever you wanted, and trust me, people did. It looked like people’s intimate dining rooms at some of these places. They had little tables with a tablecloth and candles and wine glasses and bottles of wine and dinner. While we didn’t go this crazy, we still had quite the spread. We caught the train at the train station near Steph’s house and it was PACKED. I had no idea so many people would be so excited about the Back Street Boys! Including the dude I saw on the train with the ACDC tshirt on (wtf?) Anyway, bad news, the train was packed and we would have to stand for the 25 minute trip. Good news- you are allowed to drink on the train! We popped open a bottle of wine and we were on our way.

The concert was fun. While we couldn’t see the stage and the opening band was called “girlicious”, we had a great time singing all of the old songs, making fun of the new songs and dancing our pants off. (Lots of people were staring at us, so that must mean we were awesome, right?) It was also fun to people watch, I must say, there is quite a diverse group of Backstreet fans. Teeny Boppers, girls our age, gay men and random adults alike all enjoy the boys.

As usual, I had a fabulous weekend with my girls and their friends and I’m already looking forward to my next visit!!

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