Monday, August 11, 2008


The weekend was ridiculous and maybe too much excitement for one blog entry (I don’t want to overwhelm anyone)- so let’s start at the beginning, Friday night. We loaded up the car with people and headed to the Newtown Village Tavern for the first stop on the 08.08.08 tour. A handful of us had surprised Krista by custom making some “I heart KP” tshirts, which we unveiled at the tavern. After eating some pizza, a quick meet and greet of all the bus riders, taking some pictures and drinking some beers, we loaded up on the yellow schoolbus for our night on the town with our driver, Kim. Custom Koozies, jello shots and homemade stickers were also involved in this 08x3 celebration. (Do you want captain Krista? Classy Krista? Irish Krista? 80s Krista? Or Screaming Krista?)

On the way we had a 8:08 countdown complete with noisemakers and champagne toasts (and by toasts I mean take turns chugging champagne out of the bottle- classy)

Our first stop was a lovely establishment called, River Dogs. It is a random boat on the river in Kentucky that is apparently also a bar and restaurant. I had called the owner of the establishment earlier that day to give him a little “warning” that 40 .of us would be showing up that night to which he replied, “Alright, what do ya’ll drink. Wine coolers?” I told him that most of the people would probably be drinking beer and then asked him if they had any drink specials for large groups, to which he replied, “Yeah, I got drinks. Beers and wine coolers” Needless to say, I thanked him and ended the conversation there. By the time the 30 minute ride from Newtown to this random Kentucky tugboat bar had ended, most people on the bus had heard this story and thought it was random and funny if they all ordered wine coolers…go figure. Until Friday night I literally can not remember the last time I saw anyone drinking a wine cooler. Here is Wall pictured with his delicious beverage.

After about an hour of fun here, and a couple of hillbilly wives looking like they might want to beat us up because their husbands kept hitting on all of us, it was back on the bus and onto the next bar.

Next stop was the Dog Haus in Cheviot. The people here must just go around and buy anything they see that has a dog on it or has anything to do with a dog reference. We did a little dancing, a little drinking and then loaded back on the bus for the next random stop.

Our next stop was the Strauss Haus in Mainstrasse, where one of KP’s favorite local bands, Endive was playing. There was lot of dancing going on at this bar..obviously the details of this blog get a little more vague as the night goes on, due to the details of this night getting a little more vague in my head as the night went on.

The Suite at Blackfinn ended the night and the place was PACKED. Seriously crowded…. But as always, we had a great time here. When it was time to leave I decided I desperately needed a delicious cheeseburger and it was time to make that happen. We found a great little place around the corner and I got the best French fries I’ve ever had. (so hot you could barely eat them! – yummm) and a delicious cheeseburger. We hopped a cab home and apparently am happy we did as I heard the school bus sideswiped an escalade turning the corner to pick everyone back up, causing them to have to wait for police reports to be filed. I’m sorry to report Kim will most likely not be driving any of our party bus excursions in the future…

All in all it was a very successful 08.08.08!
Stay Tuned for wedding updates coming soon :-)

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Anonymous said...

You stopped @ the DogHaus??? I love it! Looks like you guys had a blast! :)