Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peace Love and Jimmy Buffet

PICTURES! Yay- I promised them and now they are here.
Here are a few that I think will help explain the day.

Cheeseburger (cookies) in paradise!

Beginning of the day. (look how cute our koozie/cup is.) They match.

Friendly tailgate neighbors with pools in their pickup truck!! yessss

New friend doing a random slip and slide

Tropical animals love Jimmy Buffet (and we love them)

These girls are obviously angry bc we whooped them in flipcup on their own table

We had a rough day, but at least we weren't these people...who drove all the way from somewhere far away to come to this event. (they were still like this when we left for the concert)

Only picture I have from the actual concert


Lindsey said...

Love those cheeseburger cookies!
So cute.
Thanks for adding me to your blog list.
I would like to know more about the weight loss blog? Is it actually going to be successful?

Jenn said...

haha i love that your only pic of the concert shows like 1/4 of the stage. you never took a pic of news 5 where the news comes first??

Emily Malone said...

LOVE the burger cookies. need more information on how they were created!

Jen Lilley said...

The cookies are vanilla wafers for the bun. One of those grasshopper mint cookies. Lettuce is coconut, dyed green with food coloring. And ketchup and mustard is dyed icing. You can stick the sesame seeds on the top with honey or water.. They are super super sweet, but so cute!

Jen Lilley said...

and Krista better win the weight loss blog bc that means I get to attend the dinner :-)