Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Heart Festivals.

Church Festivals. I love them. For many reasons.

1. There is always delicious food. For some reason hamburgers, hotdogs, corndogs etc. always taste better at a festival, amusement park, etc… then they normally do.
2. I like drinking beer outside. Sure you could do this in your backyard or at a bar with outdoor seating, but it’s just more fun at a festival.
3. I like winning prizes (even useless crap that I will never use/need)- like two years ago when I won a delightful lawn ornament (oxymoron?), only to be reminded by friends that I did not have a lawn, or a place to put my lawn ornament. Or the year we won the hot pink cheetah print cell phone covers (that Katie still uses), or the various beanie babies I have won (does ANYONE even collect these anymore). My point is, I like to win stuff. I’m not too picky about what it is.
4. I’m not usually a gambler. Losing money doesn’t feel fun to me, but when you lose money at a church festival you can think of it as a donation and then feel good about yourself! Really, a win-win for everyone involved.
5. I like live bands, dunking booths, white Christmas lights in the middle of the summer and fun.

If you like all these things too you should come up to Mt. Adams for the Mt Adams Holy Cross-Immaculata festival this weekend. And if you come you should look for me!

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