Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jimmy & More!

Happy Tuesday! I apologize for the week’s delay in posting. It was a crazy week/weekend that I think I’m finally ready to re-cap.

Thursday night was the Jimmy Buffet concert and a wonderful time as usual. You will have to wait for pictures as I had a slight camera mishap at the concert that I’m hoping will be “fixed” soon. Krista and I left work at around noon to start the preparations for our night. We stopped by Cappells to pick up some flair, stopped by Penn Station to fill up our stomachs and then made a quick stop by the gas station for ice and beer before heading to the tailgate lot.

Highlights of the day included:
• Befriending our tailgating neighbors and making use of their pickup truck pool.
• Walking up and down the tailgate lot and just challenging random strangers to games of flipcup.
• Wonderful outfits like the dude that actually looked like a real pirate and my personal favorite, the guy in the neon green banana hammock (and that was it)
• Rob picking us up afterwards with a bag of McDonald’s Cheeseburgers! (good work sticking with the theme!)

• Dropping my camera in a cup of beer
• Calling/texting every single person in my phone 10 thousand times
I got an email from Wall the next day that read:
“Jen I wanted you to know that the wife and kids are alright. No one was beaten.”Ummmmm. What? At this point I knew I was in trouble.
I will post pictures soon. Hopefully my memory card still has them on it.

I took the day off work to recover from the debauchery the day before and spent some time poolside before another one of my favorite quarterly events, the Towne Properties Resident Party… free food and cocktails from 6-9pm… unless you’re us and you get your waitress to bring you like 30 more beers at 8:59…then it sometimes goes a little longer. Thanks to Teresa for the cute pic!


I met Krista at the salon that day to get a little pampered with no intention of going out that night. I thought maybe a day (or 20) off might be a good idea. After leaving the salon we decided we were definitely in the mood for sushi/thai food and drove to my favorite restaurant ever, Asiana, only to be disappointed that it was not open. We then hit up Wild Ginger (closed), Green Papaya (closed) called Thai Café in Clifton (closed) and Teak in Mt. Adams (closed). Since the Thai gods were against us we settled for PF Changs (meh) and got a text message that changed our plans for the night. A rooftop party at the McAlpin downtown with free food/drinks/blues bands and fun. So we hit up this fun event instead of our current plan (sleep/detox) and had a great time.

Excited tonight to see the Walls for Taco Tuesday. I will try to post some Jimmy pictures as soon as I can. The rest of the weekend, unfortunately was not photographed due to my broken camera and Krista’s forgetting to charge her camera…so you will just have to imagine that fun in your head.

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As usual, I'm living vicariously through your blog....keep writing! :)