Monday, July 28, 2008

Winery Weekend

Happy Monday! I had a nice weekend and I hope you all did too! Let me start off this blog by talking about the phone call I received on Saturday morning from my dad, who told me that a hand written note had come to their house, addressed to me. Now, since I haven’t lived there for 5+ years, I wondered which of my friends that would send me a hand written note would still have that written down as my address. I told him to open it and my ID fell out! Along with a note from a good Samaritan that apparently found my ID at the Jimmy Buffet concert and was nice enough to mail it back to me! (I still have my parents’ address on my ID since I move pretty much every single year and they will most likely never ever move.) Anyway, I hadn’t even noticed it had gone missing but I am very appreciative to the random Jimmy Buffet fan that decided to mail me back my ID instead of giving it to some random 20 year old that “looks kind of like me.”

Later that day Krista and I were preparing to take Rob and Jonathan on a surprise day date. They had no idea where they were just told Rob you pick up Jonathan and be at Krista’s by 2. We loaded in the car and made the long random trek to Bethel, OH to visit Harmony Hills Vineyard. An adorable little vineyard in what feels like the middle of no where, where the owners/winemakers are right there to tell you about the wines and you can hang out, bring a picnic (we packed cheese, crackers, grapes and a summer sausage, yum) and listen to a couple of small bands play. There were three musical acts in the time period we were there…the first and third were really good, but they just didn’t have the gift of lyrics like the second lady, a 50ish year old woman with blonde pigtails and her backup music on a cassette tape. She sang such moving songs such as, “Jesus doesn’t say love your neighbor unless he’s (insert any word, depending on the verse. Black, jewish, atheist, muslim, white, etc) “single white female” and “climbing the ladder of calculus” while her counterpart sang such originals as, “you’ve turned me into a minivan man.” I must say if they were selling CDs they could have made an easy four sales at our table. We played a little cornhole, did a little porch swing swinging and headed back to Newtown for dinner.

For dinner Krista and I whipped up a delicious dish of filet mignon, garlic & rosemary mashed potatoes, asparagus and Caesar salad which went wonderfully with the new bottles of red wine we bought at the winery, and cheesecake for dessert. Followed by the obligatory games of catchphrase, in which Krista and I slaughtered Rob and Jonathan, as per usual. Then Suzi and Dan met up and we finished the night off with some Super Mario Cart Wii and then a few cocktails at the Newtown Tavern.

Sunday I spent the day singing and dancing for a bunch of old folks at an assisted living establishment in Lebanon. I was dreading it all morning as I was tired and Lebanon is far, but it turned out to be really super fun and the old people were so nice. One old lady even searched for me specifically out of the crowd of show choir members to ask me what “I do.” When I told her I worked at P&G she didn’t believe me and said she was sure I was either already or training to be a Broadway Star.. sure, she was old and possibly from a comment like that, slightly senile…but whatever, I’ll take the compliment :-)

Now another week begins with book club tonight. We are currently reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and if you have never read it, I highly recommend it.


Krista said...

My first comment on your blog. Yay!
1. Thanks for the vineyard recommendation. You know I heart winery-type places.
2. I wish you could have recorded those singers. They sounded hilarious!
Love, the other Krista :)

bogart said...

JEN. I read your blog and decided that you had an awesome weekend. I hope to continue reading your blog more in the future. It's nice that there are blogs like your blog on the interblogs.

Bloggingly yours,
Eric Blog-art

Unknown said...

That winery rocks! Been there and it's awesome. Book club recommendation: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, unless you've already read about some really deep discussions. Your blogs are so entertaining. Keep writing!