Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Angie's Last Night Out!!

Over the weekend I traveled to the lovely city of Columbus, OH to help my good friend Angie bid farewell to the single life. I could tell you about the night, but I think pictures might tell the story better than words can.

Of course Angie a had ridiculous list of "tasks" that had to be completed by the end of the night (constructed by Andrea)- at the beginning of the night I wasn't sure this list would be completed, but with Angie's determination (and a few cocktails)- she really got the job done, teaching us all that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The list included but was not limited to guessing multiple boys underwear preference (then making them prove it), dancing on bars, getting free shots, getting someone to turn over their underwear, etc etc.

Let's start at the beginning. We all got gussied up and met at Andrea's apartment to distribute the flair. Doesn't Angie look lovely in pink??

Next was dinner at Martinis downtown (I had to include some pictures to prove that we all looked adorable before the real debauchery started)

I made hundreds of these stickers. Dork's face was plastered on many friends and strangers in the downtown Columbus area (You're welcome Dork!)

Let's Party!!

Pretty sure a Michael Bolton song just came on.
(Particularly, "How Can We be Lovers if we can't be Friends?")

Seperated at birth?

Yes, she has a stranger's underpants in her mouth.

With a little dancing on the table, the checklist is complete!

So that was our night. We had a fabulous night with Angie and am now even MORE excited about her and Dork's wedding!!! xoxoxo!!!

ps- sorry for the pictures all over the place... I have yet to master blogspot and will try to do better next time.


Emily Malone said...

Lilley! Way to NOT tell me you had a blog. Real nice.

Regardless, I love it. Also just wasted 30 minutes at work reading every post of your friends' weight-loss challenge blog. Do not know them, but love the blog and hope Krista wins. Biggest Loser is my favorite show ever.

Did you go to Gavin? It was FUN! Linds and I stood on the back like old people and tried to avoid a really really drunk dancing girl. Good times.

Im getting ready to move to a new house. Eventually when we are settled, there will be a housewarming party. You will come?

Jen Lilley said...

emily! sorry I didn't tell you. Especially since reading your and Lindsey's blog is half the reason I decided to start one.

I didnt go to Gavin because I had Jimmy Buffet the next day (which I am currently still recovering on my couch from) was gavin amazing?

I will definitely be expecting a housewarming invite. The new house sounds fabulous!