Thursday, September 28, 2017

MealPlanFamily - Instant Pot Chicken Faux Pho

Even though the temperatures here have been nothing close to fall evidenced by a picture of my kids from last weekend:

It's still officially fall and I still wanted some delicious soup. Pho is a personal favorite of mine, but since we are on whole 30 I figured I'd have to wait until afterwards....but then I found this recipe which uses spiralized veggies as the noodles... DUH! YES!

I sent my husband and daughter to Findlay Market to pick up some chicken and hit up the asian market for the packet of pho spices (makes life so much easier)....

For whatever reason he couldn't find a daikon I told him just to get parsnips and we would work with that. The broth was KILLER.....and while I won't say that I didn't miss the delicious skinny silky rice noodles that usually come in pho....this was a good substitute for the time being.

I love this pho recipe...basically dump everything in the Instant Pot....cover with water and let it do its thing....

Find the recipe here and if the weather actually ever does cool sure to make it! :)

Want more recipes, including whole 30 and instant pot recipes? Visit the recipe page here!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

MealPlanFamily - Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry with Coconut Milk & Spinach

Yum. That's what I have to say about this one. My sister shared this recipe with me from when she did the whole 30 a couple of months ago and said it was on of her definitely did not disappoint. I will continue to make this dish for sure whether I am on the Whole 30 or not. Creamy, flavorful and came together So fast. If you like Indian food you should definitely try this delicious dish.

I will not and yesterday has not been all roses and sunshine on the whole 30. Apparently these days are called the "kill all the things" days and I would not disagree. My head hurts, I'm exhausted and I'm cranky. Apparently my body is going through withdrawl from sugar....and I'm not even much of a sugar eater...but all those pretzels, bread and rice are being processed in my body as sugar and my body isn't pleased with me right now that it's not getting that quick and easy energy....

I'm powering's supposed to get better soon.

Find the recipe here
We added a little cayenne for some heat :)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

MealPlanFamily - Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup

This was one of those recipes that came together quick and easy with cheap and minimal I figured it would be fine. Not great, not bad.... I was pleasantly surprised.. this soup was awesome! We really enjoyed it. Full of flavor. While the recipe title says sausage, its actually just ground pork with sausage spices mixed in.....very clever!

So excited to add some of these awesome recipes into my post whole 30 life.

The recipe is from the Whole 30 Cookbook and the recipe can be found online here.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

MealPlanFamily - Crockpot Cherry Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes

Another simple and delicious meal. I thought this would turn out too sweet because of the cherries and the sweet potatoes but it wasn't sweet at all.

I used pork tenderloin (because it was buy one get one free at Kroger!) and cooked it on high for 4 hours because that is all the time I had until dinner :) I loved that the shorting cooking time left the meat tender but not shredded.....also even though I put absolutely no liquid in, there ended up being an awesome sauce formed from everything cooking together.

Find the recipe here


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MealPlanFamily - Pork Roast with Cauliflower Mushroom Gravy

Well we finally decided to take the plunge and start a whole 30. Today is day 2 and so far so good...besides the fact that I really want a huge bowl of popcorn with butter on it and maybe a nice cold glass of sav blanc to sip on while I watch last night's bachelor in paradise.....but I's been going well....

Let me back up for anyone who doesn't know what the Whole 30 is.

For one month, it completely strips away "hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups," considered to be grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and legumes. Equally as important as eliminating these groups is not to be tempted to "junkify" their old favorites — for example, a meaty "Paleo pizza" or "coconut-flour pancakes" are off-limits. For Whole30 participants, it's not about stretching the rules of the diet to their furthest limits. It's about learning to enjoy whole, clean, simple foods that fuel your body.

So you can read more about it in the link above if you are so inclined, but basically no sugar, grains, dairy, alcohol or legumes for 30 days.

You can follow along with some of our meals on my instagram page .... but if things have more of a recipe involved (and not just me throwing random things together) I will post it here.

Tonight we had this pork roast in the instant pot...for some reason this pork roast keeps being on a super ridiculous sale at Kroger so I keep buying it and finding new things to make with it....

This meal was SO good. It basically involves using Cauliflower in the place of milk/cream to make a gravy....I used a bag of frozen cauliflower which made it even easier.. Who knew that cauliflower was such a versatile ingredient..Oh, and it was made in the Instant Pot! Even better.
 I served it with roasted butternut squash and a boiled potato with gravy poured all over 1.5 year old literally ate half the sheet pan of butternut squash...can't say I blame him.

Get the recipe for the pork with mushroom cauliflower gravy here.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Instant Pot Beginner Recipes

Hi Friends-
As promised to those of you who I convinced to get an Instant Pot on Prime are some beginner recipes that I consider tried and true (and super easy).

First to answer the questions I get most often...

How is it different than a slow cooker?
This is an electric pressure cooker. It can do almost anything a slow cooker can do (and even has a slow cooker setting) but it can also do it pressurized in about 1/10 of the time. It can also make rice and yogurt and you can saute things right in it so you are actually making "one pot" meals rather than needing to brown or sear meat or vegetables in a separate pan.

That being said, I won't get rid of my slow cooker because I still use that too! Mine specifically is a different shape which is sometimes helpful and there are certain things that I choose to make in that instead of my Instant Pot. I will say that the more I experiment with and become comfortable with my Instant Pot, the more I reach for that instead of the slow cooker.

What do you use it for?
One of my favorite things about it is for the days that I realized I didn't take any meat out to thaw for dinner until around 3pm. It does such a great job even with frozen food. One of the recipes I will share below was literally frozen pork chops with applesauce dumped in it and my family went crazy for it. Sometimes when I have a pretty bare fridge I just like to google random ingredients I have to see if I can find any ideas of recipes I can fiddle with to make...those usually turn out to be some of our favorite meals :) It can also make totally dried beans (without soaking) in less than an that is impressive. I'm just going to share a few recipes I've used and if you are an IP user and have some favorite please share them too!

One thing takes a while for the pressure cooker to get up to if a recipe calls for 25 minutes on high won't have dinner on the table in 25 can take up to 10-15 minutes for the pot to build up the amount of pressure it needs to start the countdown (depending on how much liquid, etc) just add that to your plan!

All in One Pot Chicken & Brown Rice
I love this recipe so much because it's literally all in one pot and all done at the same time. I can turn it on....take my kids on a walk, come back and the entire meal is totally done. Make sure you try her homemade cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup to go in it. Easy and so delicious.

I used to cook ribs for hours and hours in the oven...but now they spend about 25 minutes in the instant pot and another 10-15 in the oven (to bake on the sauce) and they are fall off the bone delicious every single time! Recipe here

Pork Chops & Applesauce
I WANTED to make this recipe where you make pork chops and a delicious homemade gala apple cinnamon applesauce with whole apples right in the pot.

But alas we had no fresh apples in the house but we did have a half empty container of applesauce so we ended up making this...not nearly as pretty...but delicious!

This Spanish brown rice is a must have for taco night or to make ridiculously flavorful taco bowls with. Also, if you are not in the mood for Spanish rice...this is a perfect recipe for plain brown rice, just don't add the flavorings...

Pot Roast
The pressure cooker really shines on any kind of tough/cheap cut of meat that you want to make delicious. I love this pot roast recipe that suggests that you cook the vegetables first and then add them back in at the end so they don't get totally disintegrated.

Beef Stroganoff
Speaking of turning tough cuts of meat into pure deliciousness...this is a family favorite too. Like any good German Family we love us some stroganoff. You will never have meat as tender and delicious as when made in your pressure cooker! Recipe here

Indian Food
Indian food is sooooo good in the pressure cooker. Basically you get the idea of slow all day cooked stews in minutes. This Instant Pot Butter Chicken was a big hit with our family.

Chicken Broth
We used to make our chicken broth in the slow cooker overnight. Basically whenever I made a roast chicken I would put the bones in the slow cooker with some onion, carrots, celery and herbs, fill it up with cold water to the top and let it cook all night in the slow cooker. While it works out perfectly fine, it fills the house with very powerful smells all night which wasn't my favorite thing when I was trying to sleep. Making it in the instant pot yields the same results in less than an hour. A good recipe is here

My daughter eats yogurt every morning for breakfast so I'm embarrassed to say we haven't tried yogurt making yet....but this is the recipe I have bookmarked for when I finally decide to take the plunge!

Alright, well I hope I gave all of you IP virgins at least some first dishes to try! Once you start experimenting and playing with it...I'm confident you will love it too!

Happy Instant Pot'ing!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prime Day Instant Pot!

So you still don't have an instant pot??
Today is the day my friends! The deal isn't as insane as it was last year....but it's still a pretty darn good deal. We use ours at least 1-2x a either a pressure cooker or a rice cooker...and it comes especially in handy for those days when you realize at like 3pm that all your meat is frozen or all your beans are dried...

Get the 8 Quart on sale for $90!

Happy Instant Potting!!!